Thursday, September 17, 2009

Week 3 of Web 2.0

It has taken a bit of time to complete the readings and set up of my igoogle page. I've had to manage this over a few weeks but I have found the material interesting and certainly something to think about and discuss with colleagues who are teachers and librarians. Web 2.0 certainly has implications for us all as educators but also as people living in the 21st century. At first I thought that a lot of the web 2.0 stuff was unnecessary for life as what was in place was perfectly OK and had worked well for such a long time. But I have found myself enjoying the 'playing and learning' aspects of doing work in google and while I have used google for a long time I was not fully aware of all the posssibilities it had to enjoy learning and to change the way people could and can connect with each other. As far as teaching and the class room are concerned, I think the possibilities are endless in the way that students could interact with this style of material and approach. Students could construct a simple data base in geography using google docs and the google maps certainly add realism to their learning. Now it's about spreading the good word and providing planning time to access these materials in the class room and add activities and suggestions for use to current programmes of student work in my subjects.

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